• Sea front restaurant Cala Gonone

    Restaurant Cala Gonone | Cala Luna | Cala Gonone | Sardinia

    Enjoy dinner

    caressed by the evening breeze

  • Sea front restaurant Cala Gonone

    Quality, elegance and unique flavors

  • Sea front restaurant Cala Gonone

    The seafood and traditional Sardinian dishes

    seek the uniqueness

Restaurant Cala Luna

The hotel has three dining rooms: inside an air-conditioned dining room and outside, another one on the shady veranda and the other on the beautiful terrace by the sea, where you can enjoy a romantic evening by the light of candle with our menu a la carte.
The menu carefully directed by the owners, offers a wide range of seafood dishes of the Sardinian tradition, all accompanied by very fine wines.

Selections of gourmet starters
First courses
Second courses
Our selection of desserts

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di Marongiu Tiziana, Maddalena e Serenella

Viale Palmasera, 6
08022 Cala Gonone - Dorgali (NU)

P.IVA/VAT ID: IT00052390911

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