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Cala Luna - Eco-Label certification in Cala Gonone

Cala Luna Hotel is sustainable! In 2015 we performed the last step of a long journey that labelled our hotel with the prestigious eco-label certification.

eco label Hotel Sardegna

The first intervention of total renovation of this property was executed in 2004. The Cala Luna was one of the first hotels in Cala Gonone back in the 70s and looked like this:

Facciata Prima
Sala Prima 3
Sala Prima 4

The hotel has been conceptually redesigned to provide more spacious and bright common spaces and comfort. The sound proofing of the rooms was made with the use of organic materials, suitable for the absorption of noise.
It has been done by using automation technologies as regards to the access to the rooms, automatic shutdown of equipment for air conditioning, power folding flaps of the shutters and motion detection sensors to deactivate the lights when there is no one in the room.
From 2015 the hotel alone has been producing its energetic needs thanks to the installation of the photovoltaic and solar thermal on the roof.
A zero impact to our seaside is our goal and desire for a sustainable tourism suitable for the delicate eco-system of the Gulf of Orosei.

Administrative info


di Marongiu Tiziana, Maddalena e Serenella

Viale Palmasera, 6
08022 Cala Gonone - Dorgali (NU)

P.IVA/VAT ID: IT00052390911

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