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Ecolabel Certification

It is important for the consumer to recognize the significance of the EU Ecolabel which, in addition to being a label of environmental excellence and high-performance quality, is the only environmental label for products and services recognized at the European level and by all EU member states.

The European Union (EU) Ecolabel governed by Regulation (EC) No 66/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council on 25 November 2009 is a voluntary and selective environmental labelling scheme, which rewards the best products and services from an environmental point of view.

These products and services can thus diversify competitors on the market, while at the same time maintaining high performance standards and a reduced environmental impact.


The European Commission, with the support of the Member States, defines products and services that can be certified, based on studies on both the dissemination and the environmental impact they generate (for example, air and water quality, waste production, energy consumption, greenhouse gas production, etc.) by establishing specific ecological and performance criteria for each selected product or service.

The EU Ecolabel criteria aim to reduce such impacts by setting ambitious ecological and performance requirements that products/services will have compliance with in order to obtain the coveted label. The EU Ecolabel is verified, awarded and controlled by an independent third party. In Italy this role is carried out by the Ecolabel-Ecoaudit Committee with the technical support of ISPRA (The Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research). Furthermore, in Italy, ISPRA carries out the promotional and dissemination activities of the EU Ecolabel.

The European Union Ecolabel for Accommodation facilities was created in order to encourage hotels, family farms, B&Bs, inns, hostels, residences, campsites and tourists to respect the environment. The flower indicates a higher ecological quality at the tourist destination. Certified facilities must meet strict criteria and ensure a high environmental performance.

In 2002, research found that more and more tourists prefer accommodation facilities that ensure environmental quality.

Dear guest,

For the Cala Luna Hotel, eco-sustainability means minimizing our environmental impact, through smart technology that blends perfectly with our surroundings. We believe that a person’s well-being cannot be separated from environmental well-being, especially today when the impact of humans on nature and its effects can no longer be ignored. For us, eco-sustainability means designing, creating and using technologies that reduce energy consumption and spark an interest in our guests when it comes to respect for the environment. In fact, minimizing energy needs and using renewable resources to compensate for the remaining energy needs are the foundation of any sustainable development. Therefore, the Cala Luna Hotel has been redesigned following these guiding principles.

Here, we would like to give you the opportunity to discover and learn about the philosophy and management tools we use to minimize our impact on the environment.
Water saving: All bathroom taps have flow and pressure reducers, that distribute a water-air mixture that minimizes waste, and toilet cisterns with a dual flush system. Towels are not changed every day, but only when the guest requests it; the guest places the towels that need to be replaced in the corner of the bathroom and not on the towel rack.

Energy saving: The hotel has recently installed photovoltaic solar panels for the production of electricity that cover about 30 % of the facility’s needs, and solar panels for the production of domestic hot water. Room access is made possible through an electronic system with a key card, which when inserted into the system allows use of the lights only when the guest is inside the room, thus avoiding waste by automatically switching off all the lights that remain on and the air conditioner. The windows of the rooms have a sensor that turns off the air conditioner when the window is opened.

Proper waste management, separate waste collection and plastic use reduction: the hotel has completely eliminated single use personal hygiene products, replacing them with dispensers placed in the bathrooms. Shower caps are only available upon the guest’s request at the reception. In our breakfast, we have eliminated single-serving jam and creams containers, single portion baked goods, and the single use sugar packets at the bar. All products such as straws, plates, disposable cutlery are made from bio compostable materials, with the aim of drastically reducing plastic consumption. In addition to the general, separate collection system that the hotel has adopted for all the waste generated, in all common areas you will find containers for the separate collection of glass, plastic and paper in order for you to help us with the sorted collection of waste.

Control of air, water and soil pollution: for all the cleaning required, the hotel uses more environmentally friendly products, severely limiting the use of harmful chemicals. All cleaning products are Ecolabel certified.

Now we would like to address you directly, dear Guest, as the protagonist of this innovative holiday experience. We kindly ask you to take a look at our eco-sustainable guide and to fill out the questionnaire that will be sent to you after your stay, so that your contribution can be the key to success in all our efforts to protect and preserve the environment.

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